Rush: Obama is Gonna Set This Country ABLAZE

Rush is right obama doesn’t care about the wasteland he is turning this country into; it’s all in the name of fundamental transformation. He needs to have a new voter pool composed of uneducated, unskilled, uninformed entitlement seeking dolts to bring forth one party rule. Obama and the progressives are turning all US citizens into second class citizens to stay in power. The jobs lost, reduction in healthcare, drain on all social services and strain between the people is going to make this pressure cooker burst!

The news has been caught up with Ferguson MO and the racism towards blacks, well I can’t wait to see how they react to finding out it will be even harder to get work when his majesty grants amnesty. The poor and middle class Americans are going to feel this the most. If you are longterm unemployed like myself kiss any chance of finding work goodbye when the emperor grants amnesty. We can all thank our do nothing Congress for letting it get this far. They have set the precedent for obama to go around them. They never once challenged him, he knows this, and it is why he will do it!

As for that little socialist/communist Luis Gutiérrez he is one of the masterminds behind the emperor using his magic pen to bypass Congress. He has been actively looking for the loopholes for obama to use and has been giddy to say the least.

Get ready kids the next two weeks are going to get very interesting!