Welcome to the United Police States of America: 2 Reporters Arrested In Ferguson, MO

#1 The HuffPo reporter from the sounds of it should have had his press credentials clearly displayed on him (wearing it on lanyard or clipped to shirt/ vest/ backpack strap whatever) like 99% of press do. But in this situation with police acting as they are it probably would not have mattered!

# 2 The WaPo reporter was stalling as he collected his things that just agitated the stormtrooper. As expected the stormtroopers abused their power, arrested Lowery claiming he was resisting when he states he was complying.
“My hands are behind my back,” I said. “I’m not resisting. I’m not resisting.” At which point one officer said: “You’re resisting. Stop resisting.”

# 3 FYI I’m no fan of MSNBC, HuffPo or other members of the crap media but it’s stuff like this that we all have common interest and that interest is…

The police are completely out of control! If these examples and what is happening in Ferguson don’t make it clear, then what does?

I have posted many videos here and there are tons more on the net of police abusing their power where it is getting worse. Police are becoming more aggressive, brazen, even defiant and are being militarized at an alarming rate. We now have republican and democrat Congress members saying enough is enough. We must be in a bizarro world for someone like myself feeling so conflicted to support (on the surface) Rep Hank “Guam might flip over” Johnson who is introducing a police anti-militarization bill! Sen Rand Paul has also come forward in an op-ed calling for the de-militarization of the police as well. Ok so we have extreme left and extreme right agreeing there is a problem with the growing militarized police state in America!

Cops seem to be skipping a step in some of these situations going right to strong-arming we the people. When did this happen? Better yet who is giving them the green light to be so aggressive and forceful? No, I don’t think technology and the internet has anything to do with it either making people more aware. Years ago you just didn’t see this type of action from the police.

People protesting is a civil right it doesn’t justify a militarized police force to stand opposed. As for the abusive treatment reporters are experiencing (again I’m not fan of the obama stream media) that is hands down a First Amendment violation. Some of the cops know it too by hiding or refusing to ID themselves!! Hope your taking notes America this is a major pivot point toward that dark road we are going to have to go down…