Rep John Lewis Calls For Martial Law in Ferguson, MO

Leave it to a socialist to call for obama to declare martial law via Executive Order federalizing the MO National Guard “to protect people” while they protest. Uh huh and who wants to bet if his majesty were to do that the Executive Order would ever be reversed?! Seem to remember a similar plot in the new Star Wars trilogy and the Emperor never gave up the power.

What we need in Ferguson MO is cool heads to prevail as both sides are over-reacting. No one knows what really happened between the cop and Mike Brown. Witnesses claim it was outright murder others state there was a struggle for the cops gun. How about we let the truth come out instead of jumping to conclusions? To make matters worse we now have Sharpton and his ilk showing up stoking the fires while the cops feel the need to completely arm up as if they are going to take on ISIS amping the situation up! Let me say it again if you missed it BOTH sides are making this tragedy worse. But we don’t need clowns like Lewis calling for martial law; what is it with all the demoncrats calling for martial law all the time btw?!