ISIS Member Warns Fighters in NY “Mobilizing For a Brilliant Attack”

A report has come in that Iraqi government has uncovered a plot for an imminent attack on the subway systems in the US and Paris. This Vice News interview with IS member Abu Usamah Somali as of now could possibly confirm the report that is being downplayed by the DOD, FBI, State Dept and some regime media outlets.

So who do you listen to? The govt and media who say “nothing to see here, move along ” or the words of those saying we’ll make some attacks in New York soon a lot of brothers there uh mobilizing right now… mobilizing for a brilliant attack my friend!

History has shown failure to take Hitler, Mao and even bin Laden at that their words resulted in nightmares. It is better to be safe than sorry, but this govt and others refuse to listen to the words coming from IS. They mean every word they are saying and are carrying out their plans.

These monsters embrace death and look forward to being with Allah..
“What ever regime attacks us we will attack them. Let us be under attack, we love being under attack, I want shuhada(martyrdom)!”

… they also clearly have an extensive network that reaches to the west in which laws to restrict travel or revoke passports is irrelevant.

“We will fight you until the end. It doesn’t matter we’ll keep fighting and keep fighting you. I know so many people, thousands upon thousands upon thousands that are living in the west that are ready right now to make an operation in your land.”