Judge Pirro: America Faces The Single Biggest Threat In History… ISIS Will Strike on Our Soil

Judge delivers some tough love on the threat ISIS poses against the US. The US is not prepared and certainly not ready for an attack because we have leadership that has a pre-9/11 mentality.

This admin is treating the threats against us like a joke, where they will send 3000 troops to “fight” Ebola and 1400 “advisors” to Iraq to deal with ISIS. An attack is coming when or where we do not know but these monsters, as Pirro down to little old STR has warned, are hell-bent on striking America. I’ve said repeatedly they are at a level bin Laden could have only dreamt of for al Qaeda. They’re well-financed, armed and lethal showing zero mercy to anyone opposed. It took bin Laden years to pull of 9/11, IS has the funds and man power to an attack of that level NOW! These monsters are prepared to die for their cause they’ve already accepted they are dead! They are more than willing to literally face the enemy and at the time of their death they turn away because it means “they will reside in the highest rooms of Paradise”. Do you understand?

IS like all terror organizations is watching us and adjusting their tactics to be one step ahead of this admin. It’s criminal what this admin is doing by advertising what our plans, tactics and countermeasures are against threats to the Homeland. There is no doubt ISIS is in the US (besides the converts) easily strolling right across our southern border. One would have to be insanely naive to think otherwise because if women, children, men seeking work along with criminal element are getting across our border so have terrorists like ISIS. Obama is not listening to EXPERIENCED generals and military advisors nor is he or anyone in Congress taking the threat from our open border. Everything is politicized putting all of us in danger. Pirro is dead on saying no one in the admin is taking this threat seriously. This admin and govt is reactive not proactive. They will do something more than likely more restrictions on our freedoms AFTER we get hit!

The saddest part of this video is the final warning and recommendations Pirro has for all Americans as a result of the dereliction of duty committed by our so-called leaders:

“I’m telling you to batten down the hatches. Make plans to reach family members in the event of an emergency. Teach your children to be alert. Get supplies that might not be as easily available. Check watch your kids, even teens, are looking at online. It’s time for us to come together and take the threat seriously.”

Oh have we talked about a new threat rising called Khorasan? Start doing your homework…