Krauthammer: Al-Qaeda Were Destroyers, ‘ISIS Are Builders’

As I’ve said IS has accomplished more in four years than bin Laden could have ever dreamed of for al-Qaeda. This perception they do not possess the ability or know how for a large-scale attack is naive. The reason people say this is because we haven’t seen a large-scale attack… YET! We will and people must remember IS rose from the ashes of al-Qaeda Iraq that was smashed by US forces up until obama let them all out in 2009. Al-Baghdadi was the #2 or #3 head of al-Qaeda Iraq who promised he would see us in New York when he was let loose ’09. The vast network of al-Qaeda that morphed into IS still exists along with sleeper cells in the US. IS has grown over four years but AQ has been around for decades and IMO we will eventually see the two merged into one as Baghdadi’s power grows. IS is here America, they most likely got reinforcements via our wide open border, and are waiting for the green light to strike.