Ferguson RACISTS Punch, Spit on Rams Fans

The news reports them as protestors, but punching and spitting on people peacefully attending a football game IMO is a hate a crime thus labeling them as racists. Had this been a black on white shooting and this same attack unfolded by white “protestors” you know this is all that would be aired on the regimes propaganda networks. Time and again the real racists play the victim, attack the innocent and then claim its justice. They only believe in due process when its one of their own.

No one to this day knows what happened between Ofc Wilson and Brown. These monsters call for justice but refuse to allow the justice system to function. They would go nuts if Brown had killed Wilson and charged with a crime without due his process under the same circumstances. I have said from day one if Wilson is guilty he will feel the full weight of the law. But forensic evidence that has been released leans toward Wilson’s story and even if it is in stone race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson will deny it and amp up their drone army.

When is someone going to step forward and call these people out for who and what they are? Oh and don’t hold your breath for the DOJ to step in and deal with this recent racist hate crime. Holder probably has someone trying to figure out how to charge the fans for a crime or blame them for being punched and spit on!