Obama Admin Preparing Green Cards and Worker Permits For Millions of Illegals

I seem to remember a certain person saying Darth Hussein would grant asylum and/ or worker permits to “legally” go around Congress for not passing amnesty! You can be sure progressive radicals Sen Schumer and Rep Gutierrez played a hand in this move since both have bragged about advising the boyking on how he can bypass Congress.

green card worker permit drafts

Breitbart uncovering this solicitation is what happens when kids go poking around before Christmas! We know the regime has put off taking unilateral action in granting amnesty until after the midterm elections. Waaaay back on Sept 11, 2014 Nanzy Pelozei suggested his majesty would make a move sometime around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This should be no surprise since the regime has a knack for acting against the peoples will during the holiday season.

Have you heard anyone running for re-election talking about this? Is immigration even a topic discussed in the countless ads we are being bombarded with by the schemers and scammers begging for out vote? No, because the couldn’t careless! The majority of monsters in DC want illegals legalized because they know we are tired of the abuse. They know the American people have had it with all of them so they welcome this new pool of voters to keep them in power.

We the people are treated like second class citizens next to illegal aliens by men and women who swore an oath to this nation. They have all violated that oath repeatedly, putting this nation in danger. Nothing is ever going to change in this country until they are all thrown out of power.

USCIS draft solicitation by MailOnline