Pelosi: GOP “Days Are Numbered” Dems Will Win Congress and WH in 2016

“Their days are numbered. I know that in two years, I know we’ll have a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president.”

Be warned GOP/ republicans the trap has been set. Quite amusing this evil woman attacks repubs for having no plan for jobs, economic growth, taxes etc as if dems do. They had a super majority for 2 years and did nothing but ram obamacare and the economic stimulus down the nations throat, both of which turned out to be complete failures. Pelosi is throwing in the towel for 2014 election, regardless of what she says. Dems expect to lose in November ceding power to the republican party until 2016. During that time you can be sure more economic, social, political etc trouble will befall the nation, put in motion by the dems, but taking effect under a GOP majority. The GOP/republicans will be left holding the bag being blamed for the nation going into a complete blaze from the fires being set now. That will open the door to the democrats to sweep the 2016 election in the House, Senate and White House leading to one party rule.

This witch and all the progressives in DC are playing the GOP/ republican party for fools, manipulating them right where they want them. California is a perfect model of one party rule and the damage democrats can do in a short period of time. What they are doing there is a practice run for the entire nation mark my words. The useless arrogant republican party better wake the hell up and get off this status quo course we are on. Drastic changes must be made asap, especially if they do in fact win the majority in the Senate while holding the House.