Judge Napolitano Rips CA Gov Jerry Brown For Signing Gun Seizure Law

The crazy person http://savingtherepublic.com/blog/2014/05/father-mass-killing-rampage-victim-blames-politicians-nra/ in Santa Barbara CA who was the inspiration for this absurd un-Constitutional law (AB 1014), which is a clear violation for ones 5th and 14th Amendment rights, killed with a knife and his car. The communist monsters who passed this law and their gun grabbing supporters have completely ignored that fact because it proves if a crazy person wants to kill someone/ people they will use whatever they have access to. Take guns away they’ll use knives, tools, flammable accelerants, PRESSURE COOKERS, vehicles or will build weapons!

The solution is not to ban ones access to weapons but allow the public the ability to protect themselves. Politicians are doing everything possible to leave people incapable of defending themselves. They seem to think a killer will want to negotiate with you or wait while you dial 911 for help. Many will mock CA for this new insane law but understand what starts in CA becomes a norm across the nation!