Mark Kelly, Fmr Rep Giffords Husband, Calls for Tougher Gun Laws


This jerk seems to forget mass killings take place in Gun-Free Zones! Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords husband) and all the gun grabbers are not helping Americans being more like enemies especially now with the rise of ISIS and lone wolf terrorists. They look to make things harder for one to defend themselves while using tweaked stats where all progressives continue to push lies about background checks. Whether you buy a gun from a store or dealer at a gun show a background check is run; they are not done in private sales between individuals at gun shows. But understand clearly there ARE NOT hundreds of people doing private sales at guns shows. There are literally a handful of people, probably not even 1/2 doz, who attend looking to make a private purchase or sale. Many times the weapons for sale are rare or antiques too. You seldom if not ever see someone walking around with an AR-15 slung across their back and a “For Sale” sign on it. So what Kelly is doing is twisting this truth making a blanket statement applying it to all gun shows that background checks are not done.

Criminals do not go to gun shows or dealers to buy their weapons either, they get them on the black market.. you know like Fast & Furious!! Also by their very nature criminals do not follow the law so adding more laws will do nothing but hurt the law-abiding gun owner.

The mental health screening sounds great on the surface but here is the problem. What if you went to see a therapist over a divorce or death in the family? You’re fine mentally, just have to get over one of lives difficult bumps, but what would you do if that info about you seeing a therapist is put on a database and used to prevent you from buying a weapon? Is that okay? No one is going to take the time to see what your story is the database, set up by the govt (thus the problem) would just have you listed as potential mental health risk! Until someone can guarantee a divorcée or one who loses loved one or goes through a terrible life event won’t be restricted then this is risky route to go.

Kelly is a deceptive SOB elitist who wants to have his guns while doing everything he can to disarm law-abiding Americans regardless of what he says on air to sell his book! Kelly is a typical progressive who always has ulterior motives when it comes to guns, his is to make money on the back of victims including his wife!

One last thing stop calling these violent acts mass shootings! Legal law-abiding Americans are target, sport, competitive SHOOTERS. Labeling these heinous acts of violence mass shootings lumps good Americans with the criminal element. Call them what they are mass killings!