Obama Promises Executive Amnesty Before End of the Year

“The best way, if folks are serious about getting immigration reform done, is going ahead and passing a bill and getting it to my desk. And then the executive actions that I take go away… What I’m not going to do is wait.”

This guy now being outnumbered legislatively is still defiant on delivering millions of new voters to the SNC. Darth Hussein more or less wants Congress to deliver an immigration reform bill to his desk for him to sign or he will issue an executive order granting it stretching the rules and powers delegated to him. This is his idea of working with Congress, do what I want or I’ll do it myself. He has clearly been advised by his radical consigliere’s Gutierrez, Schumer, Holder and whomever else within the imperial empire on any and all loopholes he can exploit. Do not be surprised if he deems illegals political refugees and grants them all asylum! Also don’t forget the new Congress won’t be sworn in until next year, which means lame duck immigration vote is coming while Reid is still in play!

Congress is MIA while he plots, celebrating what they think is a victory over the dems. The GOP is so arrogant they don’t understand this midterm election was a mandate by the people against Darth Hussein and the democrats! The only solution floating around right now to counter him is cutting the purse strings to any executive orders related to amnesty. Good luck with that Congress if you think it will stop him!

Congress better get their tails back to DC and get serious real quick because Darth Hussein is about to go full Sith!