CIA Director: Useful Information Obtained From EITs Helped Get bin Laden

CIA Director John Brennan walked a thin line today stating EITs(enhanced interrogation techniques) helped get bin Laden. Unlike Congress members who can say whatever they want on the House or Senate floor the Director cannot. You could see he wanted to say more to silence Sen Feinstein and her ilk who never interviewed any members for the CIA for the report they released. What she and the democrats did makes no sense since we have already had this conversation on EITs used by the CIA. This intel report only helped throw gasoline on the fire between the US and our enemies around the world. It “helped” destroy the little credibility we have left among our few remaining allies as well. You can be sure going forward it will be even harder to get help and information on potential attacks.

The dems will be out of power in a few weeks where they are going to go out in a vindictive manner. They are symbolically going to set the nation and world a blaze to get back at the republicans? But it wasn’t the republicans who threw them out, it was the People. This is how twisted democrats logic is. They will expose the CIA, sabotage votes, ram through bills etc to punish the republicans for the voters throwing them out of power! Keep that in mind America when these SOBs return home. Don’t let them off the hook because they aren’t in office anymore. Confront those who have been thrown out and let them know what you think of them because they deserve it! In a different time they would be tarred and feathered, isn’t it time to bring back that tradition?