Cops Turn Their Backs on Mayor de Blasio Before Press Conf For 2 ASSASSINATED NYPD Officers

Huge respect for the NYPD turning their backs on BigBird de Blasio, that is one hell of sight!

The police coast to coast are under attack by some of the worst people in this country no thanks to the race hustlers. Those who have visited STR know I have been critical of the police at times for their actions on many occasions and frankly I warned this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time until the actions of a few bad cops would spill over becoming a blanket indictment against all cops that they are “bad”. The left is doing everything possible to go after them and I have a theory on this I’m not ready to announce but now on to what happened today.

Let me make this short and clear. The 2 NYPD officers who were assassinated today is a direct result of obama, Eric Holder, Bill de Blasio, Al Sharpton and all the other race hustlers throwing gasoline on the Eric Garner/ Ferguson protests fire. These race hust.. RACISTS have done nothing to help ease tension between the races sending race-relations back decades while throwing the police under the bus time and again. These racists have clearly sided with socialists, communists, radicals and revolutionaries who are tearing the streets of America apart.

I DO NOT CARE about any of the excuses they will use to justify the language they’ve used following the justified shooting of Michael Brown (committed strong-arm robbery, assault and assault on a police officer) and the death of Eric Garner (who was in poor health went into cardiac arrest as a result of resisting arrest after locals called police on him). For the record there would be NO PROTESTS if both of these men had not committed crimes and not resisted the police when they were confronted. Both would be alive today looking at small fines and low-level charges for their crimes. Because of Sharpton, Holder, de Blasio and obama we now have chaos in the streets in support of these two criminals who lost their lives. All these men have blood on their hands, there is nothing they can say otherwise.

Mayor de Blasio must be forced to resign and Al Sharpton must be held responsible for inciting these riots and acts of violence.