Dem Sen Blumenthal Links Taliban Assault on Pakistani School to Newtown Shooting

Democrats have no shame, they will use every opportunity to dance on the graves of the dead and pervert the facts. The Newtown killer was mentally unstable Sandy Hook was not an act of terrorism unlike the murder of over 140 in Pakistan. As Blumenthal transitions from ISIS to discussing Sandy Hook his encouragement of the families lawsuit against Bushmaster is derelict and irresponsible.

The rifle did not drive itself to the school and kill those children. It doesn’t have a heart or a mind, it is nothing but an machine. The operator of that machine is solely responsible for those heinous acts committed 2 years ago. If frivolous lawsuits like this are permitted to go through then it is just a matter of time until manufacturers across the board will be targeted. Automobiles, baseball bats, all kinds of tools (nail guns, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers etc), knives & utensils the list is endless objects/tools/machines used to assault and kill another. By Blumenthal’s logic that victims families “deserve a day in court” what is to stop one from suing a car or tool maker!? Enough is enough people need to take responsibility for their actions and stop looking for someone or something to blame.