Tech Expert on Sony Hack Warns Entire Power Grid Has Been Hacked by Iran, Russia and China

What tech expert David Kennedy says about Iran, Russia and China hacking our power grid is why there is a lot of attention on the Sony hack. It is safe to assume our entire electronic/ cyber infrastructure from entertainment, corporations, the grid, water, banking and defense have been infiltrated by foreign govts or those they sponsor to inflict damage to the US . There is a cyber war being waged against America that no one seems to want to talk about. Maybe when the lights go off or cell towers go down people might get the hint, then again if that happens it will be too late. Anyone attacking our infrastructure should be shut down by any and all means outside of outright warfare. They have their geeks we have ours, but for whatever reason it appears on the surface the US is not flexing its cyber muscle.

The hack and immediate capitulation by Sony has set a dangerous precedent. First off it demonstrates corporations have no spine to stand up to bullies and terrorists. Many have put out movies or programs showing how well Americans stand up to terrorists and bullies but look at them now! This weakness is contagious already spreading to Paramount who has balked at calls for theaters to show Team America: World Police in place of The Interview. Second, this quick capitulation to these terrorist threats demonstrated major weakness to our enemies. They now know it takes very little for their demands to be met which means we can expect more public attacks to take place. This is why so many on both sides of the aisle are calling for Sony to release The Interview on all mediums for free as it is defiant and nothing can really be done to stop it once it hits the web.

One thing is for sure Americas strength and power just dropped a few more notches. This hack and the ones coming is no thanks to the weak perception obama projects to the world since he is not standing up to thugs, bullies and tyrants as a leader should; that responsibility now falls on the people.