College Students Sign Petition to Make Gruber Sec of Defense

Gruber for SECDEFHere we go with another example of how clueless and frankly stupid the future of America has become. Isn’t it about time to stop calling these institutions colleges & universities and just make it official calling them progressive indoctrination centers?!

There have been so many videos like this with students (supposedly intelligent ones) more than willing to sign petitions giving away rights, undermine the Constitution, imprison or deport fellow Americans. Parents you really need to consider where you are sending your children for higher education but more importantly why! Jobs are scarce with 100 million Americans out of work, many possessing higher education holding a bachelors, masters even a doctorate. Granted some have degrees in useless majors but many do not. It is progressives who started the lie we have to have a degree to get ahead. The same progressives who run the schools that put millions of Americans into an estimated $2 trillion in debt! The same progressives who then manipulate and convince those who cannot find work after getting the degree they had to have capitalism and big business is at fault. Does anyone see the vicious cycle progressives have created all the while brainwashing students who willfully agree to sign a fictitious petition like the one in this video or others like it!?

Not knocking getting a higher education, I have a bachelors in business (did nothing for me) but people should pursue one only for jobs/ fields that truly require higher education; science, medicine, high-tech, law etc. If you want to open store to sell widgets just do it, don’t waste years and money on an education you don’t need. English Lit is not going to be that much help if you want to run computer business!