Obama Using Executive Memoranda & Executive Actions to Downplay Power Grab

presidential memorandaThe imperial emperor is a master of word manipulation and playing poor little me to downplay his power grab. One of the ways he does this is by always claiming he has done less Executive Orders than Bush and other Presidents. Now while on the surface that may appear to be true but two things are actually not being discussed. The first explained here by Judge Napolitano that the boy king is using Executive Action and Memoranda to do the same thing as Executive Orders. Napolitano makes it clear there is no difference between them yet the emperor has most of the country convinced he is issuing less than Bush and a victim when he is just trying to act in our best interests. Obama is in fact issuing more memoranda than any other president! His lies exposed again to deaf ears simply because of word manipulation.

The second thing not addressed about obama’s executive orders/actions/memoranda is their context. It is one thing for POTUS to issue EO’s about policy changes within the Executive Branch, the order of succession for certain govt depts or agencies, “strengthening adult education” or making Tuesday night pizza night! It’s another when a lawless president is legislating from the oval office to grant amnesty, change laws (obamacare) and violate the Constitution. No one seems to ever want to call out the context of his EO’s compared to his predecessors. The President of the United States under Article 2 of the US Constitution he has no powers whatsoever to legislate. Yet Darth Hussein continues to do so unchallenged by our useless, irrelevant, impotent Congress!