GOP Puts Final Nail in Party’s Coffin Re-Electing Boehner as Speaker

gop is deadFYI 65% of republican voters in the US wanted Boehner out but we couldn’t find 12% within Congress to vote against him!? Republicans in DC are not acting in the American people’s best interests supporting and acting with a man who has done nothing to stop the obama machine. The GOP has demonstrated today they have no spine and are completely out of touch with the people who put them into office.

As for the conservative rebels trapped under the false title of republican it is time for them to LEAVE the party and start a new Conservative Party. All the arguments against a third party no longer hold water. We tried in 3 elections to retake the party of Lincoln & Reagan, but after today it’s safe to say the party has gone the way of the Whig Party. By re-electing Boehner as Speaker the GOP has driven the final nail into their coffin. Said it here from the start and will re-iterate there is no difference between the republicans and democrats, both are nothing but the two faces of the progressive beast. The die-hard supporters will come out of the woodwork in their defense but we have had enough of the games and wordplay.

We the People do not want to hear the excuses or be told “this is how you have to play the game”. No sorry don’t play the game to begin with, honor your promises and oath instead of being beholden to the power elite and their “consultants” on K Street!

Folks do not send 1 penny to anyone in the GOP, send their donation requests back with a big “SCREW YOU” written across it in the postage free envelopes.