O’Reilly Blows Up at de Blasio: ‘Spitting in the Face’ of NYPD, Needs to Go Now

Bill O’Reilly hammered away at the left and Mayor de Blasio, a communist (this is fact it isn’t right wing extremist rhetoric), for the racial division and tension with the police they are creating not only in NYC but across the country.

De Blasio has lost the confidence of the NYPD who, regardless of what they have been told by Commissioner Bratton, will continue to turn their backs on him. The police are not enforcing some of the lesser laws which generate revenue and there is a reduction in arrests since this battle begun. This is bad for the city and it will eventually lead to putting people in harms way, if not already. It is also dangerous to have a mayor in power who gets his orders from a racist like Al Sharpton who doesn’t bring solutions to the problems only hate. O’Reilly for the second time now is calling for Bill de Blasio to resign since he is now “spitting in the face” of the NYPD.

Can someone explain why the radical left is permitted time and again to divide this country? Why do people on the right constantly cower to the left allowing them to dictate the “rules of the game”? They cry racism the whole nation is turned upside down while no one on the right calls these race hustlers out for being the true racists. The protests err rather acts of domestic terrorism continue to escalate over lies and misinformation because we have no leadership/ representation on the right to set the record straight. O’Reilly serves this purpose but his words are ignored by the uninformed. We need to ID methods and individuals who can set the record straight with those who are being manipulated where once and for all the left can be stopped cold in their quest to fundamentally transform the USA.