MSNBC Analyst: France Style Attack Would’ve Been Worse in US Because of Guns

Yea because anyone can walk into their local gun store or gunshow and buy a fully automatic AK-47 right Eugene?! WRONG! You know what this is folks? This is misdirection off of an outright fact pointed out by of all people Howard Dean!
“France has tremendous gun control laws and yet these people were able to get Kalashnikov”

FYI French gun laws dwarf American gun laws, which means:


The muslim killers didn’t just use any old guns they could find to kill Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, they had access to fully automatic AK-47’s! Automatic weapons are Class III weapons which require an extensive background check by the ATF as well as an additional tax paid, not to mention cost on avg are in the thousands not hundreds of dollars.

So Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson had to capitalize off of his clear anti-gun position and associate the weapons used by muslim terrorists in France are the same types Americans have access to which is a complete LIE! The only truth to what Robinson says is it would be worse, worse for the terrorists because Americans have the Second Amendment. We have access to SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapons where we could theoretically repel an attack like that in Paris. Unfortunately we have lawmakers here who are actively engaged to disarm the country making us all sitting ducks and completely defenseless. If politicians have their way they will make every inch of the US outside your front door a Gun Free Zone or rather a Free Killing Zone like France!