Obama’s Atty General Nominee: Illegals Have Right to Work, Pres’ Executive Action Didn’t Grant Amnesty to Illegals

Well there you go America, obama’s pick for Atty General Loretta Lynch has made it clear she is on board with putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans. That is what obama did when he issued executive amnesty, he moved illegals to the front of line. I will go out on a limb to suggest he had Lynch selected before he issued the EO knowing she would back him!

These monsters in DC couldn’t careless about the 100 million Americans out of work. We have all been turned into second class citizens by the ruling elites. Would be nice if the millions unemployed who support this regime were educated how they just got knocked down another rung on the job ladder… err rather knocked off the ladder altogether! So when you get screwed over by illegals don’t think for a second you can go to the DOJ for justice because the new Atty General is going to side with illegals! She won’t even acknowledge his majesty’s executive action granted illegals amnesty which should be huge red flags to these dopes in the Senate she will defend more of his lawless actions!

It will be interesting to see how many progressive-republicans vote in favor of Lynch. Probably be the same ones who made empty campaign speeches about getting Americans back to work and would stop obama’s abuse of power!