Progressive Huckabee Ends Fox News Run Hints 2016 Run

Gov Mike Huckabee has ended his Fox News show to explore a potential 2016 run for POTUS where he will make a final decision by this spring 😉 ;). It’s clear the Huck is going to run against all the other establishment clowns in 2016 for the republican nomination. Since when does controversy over one running for office or not dictate a network cancel or “end” a show (I never cared to watch)? This guy right off the bat can’t even be honest with his viewers as to why he is ending his show. The man is truly arrogant if he thinks what he is selling the American people want. If what he has to offer were true his radio show would have been on fire instead it too ended. Sure he may have some good one-liners from time to time or be on the right side of an issue but so has all the other scam artists on both sides of the aisle. The make up of the 2016 field looks great… for democrats, conservatives have yet to ID/find someone who not only can talk the talk but walk the walk!

For a guy who claims to be against big government Huck sure has a funny way of showing it. He like many RINO’s [does being called that still bother you Mike?] is “against” obamacare and gov mandates but did you know he pushed for contraception mandate before he opposed it?!

Then there is his support of Common Core which will put the final nails into the educational system creating a few generations of idiots incapable of changing a light bulb… seriously not joking here!

All of you who have read, shared and tweeted #ThanksMichelleObama over poor school lunches, under her anti-obesity program, YOU DO KNOW Huckabee supports it/her right?!

These examples boys and girls are big government policies not conservative. Instead of a long rant here I’ll let the one person who called Huckabee out and stands by that charge to this day explain the Govs progressive leaning and record….

Huckabee’s record tells the true story versus what he will say on air. Frankly the guy can’t win, he will just be wasting his time and A LOT of Americans (who will blindly donate to his campaign) money! This is just another sign of how dead the GOP has become, they have gone the way of the Whig Party. The Democrat and Republican parties are more or less the same now, both with the same end goal yet slightly different messaging. Progressives have fully taken over where members in either “party” make no effort now to differentiate themselves as they did the last few years.

That said We the People no longer have true representation so it is time for a third party (Conservative Party)… the arguments against no longer hold water.