Rep Louie Gohmert Will Challenge Boehner for Speaker of the House

When the House votes for Speaker you will see how many of our so-called leaders really want to move the country forward. John Boehner has done nothing as Speaker to challenge emperor obama’s power grabs. He has in fact taken positions that only embolden the boyking because he like the majority in the House and Senate is a progressive. Everyone whines about how things have to change yet the dopes in DC want to do everything possible keeping things status quo. Louis Gohmert is one of the few rebels (aka conservatives) in Congress ready to lead and put an end to obama’s dictatorship.

Every single conservative who voted last year should melt the Capitol phone lines telling their Representatives to vote for Gohmert. We need someone like Gohmert ready to do the hard things and put this dictator in chief in his place. Boehner will not act in the American people’s best interests his past actions prove he is more concerned with the progressive (aka communist) agenda. CRomnibus, executive amnesty, obamacare etc are all in play because of Boehner’s failure to lead. How many times have you heard him say obama is lawless and must be stopped? How’s that lawsuit going to stop the boyking? What happened to using the power of the purse and promises to read the bills before being voted on? Naa sorry Johnny has had more than enough chances to be a leader, it’s time for him to go.