Sen Schumer: Obama Should Veto Keystone Jobs Even if Dems Get Every Amendment We Want

Schumer’s suggested amendments are ideas people could get behind to strengthen the Keystone XL bill so that it is American made with the nation benefitting and to invest in other technologies which will create jobs within themselves. Schumer wants jobs created but then under the same breath says the hell with putting Americans to work because it isn’t good enough wanting the bill vetoed!? What kind of sick minded individual will invest time and money into a bill to make it better and then wish for it to be killed by an obstructive… DESTRUCTIVE president?!

Hey Schmuck DO YOUR JOB make the bill work so EVERYONE will benefit! That is too much to expect from an individual, this destroyer of the Republic, who acts only in his and progressives (aka communists) best interests. Questions to ask are WHO, (aside from Buffett’s choo choos) will benefit from the Keystone XL bill/ project being killed? How many pals of Schumer and obama will benefit from it not happening? What deals have been made with foreign oil producers to stop Keystone XL? These are questions that our so-called elected leaders should be asking and answers being made public!

If only we had leaders in DC to put the nation & people first vs doing everything they can to stifle jobs, economy, empower our enemies and attack the handful of rebels they claim “are on the same side”.