Filmmaker Warns America in Danger

America is in danger as the southern border remains unsecured no thanks to the DC destroyers doing nothing to stop illegals entering the US. Frankly they have no intentions because they see illegals as new voters to replace citizens who on both sides of the aisle are waking up to the corruption and double-talk. You would think DHS secretary would do his job to protect the homeland but Jeh Johnson is a politician. He has no intentions of ever enforcing our immigration laws to stop illegals from entering, instead he advances obama’s radical agenda.

Something that should be alarming to every American though is the northern border. As Lynch points out there is no security across the 4,000 mile northern border where there are more terror cells active in Canada than in Mexico!

We will see another large-scale 9/11 style attack on the US but it won’t be with planes or bombs. Terrorists aren’t stupid, they’re constantly studying the US and already know best way to hit us is by striking at our infrastructure. The Sony hack shows any business can be infiltrated, there is nothing stopping terrorists from hitting power grid, water or natural gas systems. Don’t forget wayyyy back on April 16th 2013 a San Jose, CA sub-power station was hit with sniper fire and no one has ever taken responsibility for it. That boys and girls was a test run to show how easy it is for our enemies to shut the US down. A few well placed shots with high-powered rifles in a coordinated attack in the middle of the night while the nation is asleep is all that needs to be done. Getting the grid back up and running could take 6-18 mos if it were taken down. Why? The US no longer manufactures the transformers & components needed. The US will have to wait for said parts to come from Germany and South Korea who aren’t sitting on the inventory as they are built to order!

The next time you hear politicians ranting the border is safe keep all of this in mind.The $40m spent on border security where there is a hole big enough for trucks to drive through. When you hear all the talk about the southern border being “secure” remember there is a northern border completely unchecked. And don’t forget to this day no one has ever taken credit for the San Jose power station attack.