Repub Rep Cole Attacks Boehner Challengers Says They’re ‘Pretty Unprofessional, Very Disappointing’

This progressive Cole left out one key issue: Boehner did a 180° after the election going into the RNC Conference when he said they would fight obama tooth and nail by running to the emperor to get CRomnibus passed. If he had run to obama after the election BEFORE the Conference he would have had challengers then. Boehner played the typical politician game to secure his position. Rep Cole also seems to forget all the other promises the crybaby speaker has made and not carried through on. How many times have we heard about how Boehner and the republicans will stop barackobamacare? How is that big lawsuit going to stop executive overreach?

How can I label Cole a progressive? Why not? Progressives are the dominant entity within Congress, they are not just a problem within the dems there are just as many republican progressives. Cole defends Boehner, a progressive, to no end who is not acting in the peoples best interests. Boehner says one thing but does another, and as you know actions speak louder than words. Those who support Rep Cole prove he isn’t for big government policies, please tells us about how he stood with the people by supporting Boehner!?

Conservative Review gives Cole an F rating while FreedomWorks scores him 68% (That’s a D- or F depending on what school you went to!).