Al Qaeda Threatens to Unleash “Undetectable” Bomb Against US

While the dopes in DC fight each other for power to ruin our lives, our enemies continue to look for new innovative ways to kill Americans. With America being post-9/11 but having a pre-9/11 mentality maybe terrorists figure going back to the old routine will be effective to killing Americans by taking out airplanes, using them like cruise missiles or striking in airports. Find it odd al Qaeda is developing an undetectable bomb when you could park an aircraft carrier on the border no thanks to obama leaving it wide open! Why is there focus and threats to attack us from the air or in airports when we know terrorists are strolling right across the southern AND northern borders?!

Concern should be on how they are sharing these “how to” plans encouraging lone wolf attacks that can and will be carried out at venues with large numbers of people. They aren’t stupid that’s for sure knowing how this govt will overreact infringing on our rights either. Imagine if one of these killers lets loose in a mall don’t be surprised when some progressive D or R calls for screening devices to be implemented at the mall entrance!

If only we had a leader who would unleash the might of our military to kill these monsters once and for all…

Al-Qaida threatens to use ‘undetectable’ bombs against U.S.
by J.J. Green | WTOP
WASHINGTON – Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is warning Americans that they’ve been working long and hard on a new tool to attack the U.S.

In the latest issue of the terror group’s Inspire electronic magazine, an individual called the AQ Chef was quoted as saying they developed a bomb in 2009, but “the brothers in the external operation committee did not give us the green light until recently.”

Hinting at al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s dedication to building undetectable bombs, he said in the winter 2014 edition of Inspire, released in late December, “they have developed other bombs that are more effective.”

AQ Chef indicates that lessons learned from failures in past assassination attempts and plots to attack U.S. airplanes and buildings have fed the development of a new generation of what it calls “undetectable” bombs.

In “The Hidden Bomb,” a 20-page section of the magazine, the writer goes into painstaking detail about how to build and test such a bomb: “For several months, we conducted a number of experiments. As a result we came up with these simple materials that are readily available around the globe, even inside America. We spared no effort in simplifying the idea in such we made it ‘another meal prepared in the kitchen’ so that every determined Muslim can prepare.”

The magazine’s editor, Yahya Ibrahim, in a different section of the magazine, also claimed the organization’s bomb-makers have been working on a recipe that is “something unique that can easily be prepared at home.”

Reflecting the group’s urgent desire to disseminate the recipe, Ibrahim apologized to their supporters for taking nine months to produce the 13th edition — indicating that the work on the new bomb was the hold-up.…more