Obama Claims Executive Amnesty Was “Right and Lawful Thing” to Do

After presenting his $3.99 trillion budget obama deceived members of DHS about republicans being prepared to cut funding off to the department. This is not completely true the repubs claim they have legislation coming to fund all of DHS except anything having to do with obama’s illegal action granting temporary amnesty to illegal aliens. For the record Obama said over 22 times he did not have the legal authority to issue executive amnesty but did it anyway knowing this fight was coming. Being as defiant as ever he claims “what we’re doing is the right thing and the lawful thing” giving illegals amnesty. He then went to the next level to suggest republicans are risking national security by playing politics with his illegal action.

Amnesty is right for who? The American people will see no benefit from 5 million++ illegals who already know how to work the system. He has in fact put them ahead of citizens. Again 22 times he said he didn’t have legal authority to do it, are DHS members supposed to take his word that it is now legal? The only one playing politics with national security is obama. He has opened the floodgates at the border allowing anyone to come in from anywhere around the world. Like a master of propaganda he twists it all around to make the republicans the bad guys.

What we need from DHS is a NYPD moment! We need to see them turn their backs to obama for violating the law.