Obama: To Beat ISIS, We Must ‘Invest’ in ‘Education and Skills and Job Training’

Was there any doubt where State Dept spokesIDIOT Marie Harf got her talking points from? This new INSANE narrative to improve social and economic conditions in the middle east and other islamic extremists breeding ground came of course from the imperial regime. Harf was sent out to break the ice and now his majesty made it official.

By his own admission during the speech Darth Hussein cites many jihadists came from lives of wealth and prosperity but then suggests others are not as fortunate as cause to join radical islamic groups. This makes no sense but what do you expect from a community organizer who never held a real job! By the way if we use obama’s logic that poor living conditions, unemployment, low education, lack of skills and job training were cause for muslims to turn to the dark side how come we didn’t see beheadings, people burned alive, rape and destruction during the Great Depression?

ISIS and all the other islamic extremists groups couldn’t careless about their economic situation. Money and higher education are not their motivation to strike seeking world domination. These monsters want to take us back to the 7th century by bringing the world to end times to hasten the return of the islamic messiah, Mahdi. Obama and all his minions pushing this bs are going to get people killed.