US Worker Replaced by Low-Cost Foreign Worker Makes Impassioned Plea to Senators

American middle-class workers are more or less being forced to train immigrant workers to replace them. These are foreign workers here on H1B visas but how many Americans right now are having to train the beneficiaries of obamnesty?

Jay Palmer is the voice of millions of Americans who cannot get a job or has been replaced by immigrant workers. Yes we want that diversity in the workforce but America can we please make sure the 100 million Americans out of work have job first before we start handing out work visas to foreigners?! Can we please make sure those of us long-term unemployed get a job before we open the flood-gates issuing executive amnesty to a wave of unskilled workers?!

What is the point to go to college or back to college to be trained for jobs that don’t exist? The companies hiring unskilled immigrant workers to save money are not only screwing the country but themselves. Those workers don’t have the know how or intuition those who worked in a given field for years even decades they replaced. While companies are trying to cut costs in obama’s economy but replacing higher paid workers with lower paid workers be warned you get what you pay for!

Yes we can blame corporations for the rush of immigrants, legal and illegal, to our border but the blame also goes on Congress. First off they have done nothing against obama’s anti-capitalist agenda which has forced companies to seek cheaper labor to afford higher taxes and healthcare costs.They know Americans are desperate for work but Congress makes life easier for legal and illegal immigrants than American citizens. Try applying for a business loan if you’re an educated white male in his 20-30’s, with some credit and don’t be surprised when you’re shot down. White women have a better chance than men, and but immigrants legal and illegal the money is just flowing to them where many people will argue they make out better than minority American citizens too!

The spigot of immigration across the board needs to be shutoff until this country gets its economy going and citizens back to work.