Harry Reid Threatens to Force Vote for Atty General


I wouldn’t put it past Dingy Reid from forcing a Senate vote to confirm Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. Mitch McConnell and the republicans have no spine against Reid and obama, they have caved repeatedly even now as a majority. This guy just a few weeks ago made comments like he was turning a new leaf, but as I warned it was a pack of lies. Reid has no intentions of doing what’s right for the nation, he acts for what is best for the democrat party. If the nation is hurt then so be it and to hell with all of us!


Lynch’s nomination is held up for a number of reasons that are political in nature but some are serious. From the way it looks she would pick up where Eric Holder will leave off in being a biased/ political activist Atty Gen. She thinks obama’s executive amnesty is legit, made no commitment go after Hillary for deleting emails, in agreement with Holder’s position on Voter ID laws and pulled the race card over how students are disciplined. These are just a few indicators or really warning flags of the trouble we will continue to have with another one of obama’s appointments.

We have two more years of this guy putting people into positions of power to continue his legacy long after he is gone. If the GOP wants to hold her nomination up for another year so be it. If you noticed Holder has been out of the public light for some time now. He is done, he won’t do anything high-profile as he waits to leave office so might be a good thing to hold the vote up. Will it happen, no because we have several progressive republicans who are prepared to vote for her but it would be nice.