FBI Knew Terrorists Were Targeting Draw Muhammad Contest

What is the point in all this surveillance and govt intrusion in our lives, all in the name of national security, if the feds won’t act to stop an attack or let an event know they are going to be attacked? It’s said that the terrorists stopped by the Garland TX officer unloaded a lot of rounds at the officer. Thanks to his good training he was able to put them both down, but what if they got through and were able to unload all those round slaughtering people attending the contest?! What would the feds excuse be today with this news surfacing?

America we have serious problems with this govt who will quickly jump to condemn and prosecute citizens for doing far less! Lets not forget this is the same govt who blamed a video no one saw for Benghazi where the filmmaker was thrown in jail. Nothing is ever going to change until all seated leadership is removed. Frankly with the way things are I don’t think that is going to happen because too many of you are complacent with how things are. Complaining on social media isn’t going to cut it. Until you start recalling politicians, initiating massive class action lawsuits, marching in mass (no less than 1 million) and demanding those who swore an oath to protect and defend to live up to their oath this nation is doomed.

I mean…