Senate Majority Ldr Defends NSA Program Following Court Ruling: Likely Would Have Prevented 9/11

Can you hear that? Did you hear that rumbling? That was Benjamin Franklin and the Founders rolling in their graves. Giving up our liberties for a small amount of security will end badly. It is a smack in the face to our founding and the American people for a Senate Majority Leader to stand idly by praising a federal agency who spies on Americans justifying it under the guise of national security. Frankly his praise of Americans being spied on is a trait of tyrants. Fact is power was given to an agency to track credible threats to this nation, but this power was then turned on the people.

Spying on Americans suggesting if said policies were in place they would have prevented 9/11 is foolish. How do we know this? The govt knew about the Tsarnaev’s yet the Boston Bombing still happened, and we just learned today that the feds knew the terrorists were going to attack the Muhammad contest in Garland TX.

Thank Rand Paul, yes the same guy who ranted against the NSA, for McConnell being in power. His support for Mitch, playing the DC game for favors, over Matt Bevin is unforgivable.