Mark Levin Warns Economy is on the Brink if Spending Isn’t Brought Under Control “There’s No Way Out”

The Great One said clear as day there is no way out of this mess in response to HSBC’s chief economist’s warning on the economy. Levin prefaces this warning that we need to get control over spending, borrowing, entitlements which you know there is no will to do in DC. Why? Because the big govt junkies and statists who are spending and borrowing like “drunken Marxists” do not care about those who will be left holding the bag. You see these elites are building their wealth at an accelerated rate, loading their coffers so when SHTF they will be okay while the rest of us have to fight for the last loaf of bread!

Don’t take my or Levin’s word on this, do your homework and you will see many in DC wealth has skyrocketed along with their grip on power. The elites are buying a lot of property and hard assets instead of holding onto cash. They know it’s all going to come apart and the system will collapse. I just posted a video of economist and author of “The Death of Money” James Rickards more or less said the same thing. Rickard’s says many within the financial sector know the global economy is going to come apart at the seams. Watch what they do, where they put their money and who they are buddying up with. Hey Soros is a bad guy but if you have the means to do what he does with your money you have a heck of a good chance for success!

You have to be wise with your money right now. Buy what you need, save a little longer and buy the better quality item vs the one that is a little cheaper. If you can invest in precious metals, stones and other hard assets, but honestly you’re better off investing in brass! You can’t eat gold but a cartridge of brass may put some food in your belly!! Prepping isn’t just for the hicks in the hills, smart people prepare. Having food stores is not crazy, it’s smart because anything can happen. Storms, power outages, massive terror attacks or banks closing could happen tomorrow.

When the money runs out what will you do?