Obama Calls Wealthy Americans “Society’s Lottery Winners”

This guy will never stop his assault against those who are successful. If you have started at the bottom and worked your way to the top or are an entrepreneur with much success you didn’t do it on your own and are as lucky as a lottery winner.

Obama and his clowns that support this idea of his want to brainwash the youth to believe hard-work doesn’t payoff and everyone should be equal. He wants to demoralize those at the bottom and in the middle while convincing them their only hope is govt to make life an even playing field.

Obama hates the wealthy and loves to play class warfare with the uninformed and entitlement class. The fact that he and his cronies are millionaires who frankly did it on their own is never discussed. No the hypocrite in chief doesn’t want that out. These progressives are doing everything they can to close the window of opportunity they had on the rest of us while chiming away we need govt for income equality.