WH Attacks GOP For Wanting to Cut Amtrak Funding

Press SecLike clockwork the Propaganda Minister had to get the regimes licks in at the GOP for wanting to cut funds to Amtrak. This idget couldn’t wait until the bodies were cold before going after republicants.

(Dis)Earnest states obama’s budget has a billion dollar increase for Amtrak but leaves out the billions they have already dumped into this loser ever since the govt took it over! Train 188 didn’t crash because of lack of infrastructure funding, it crashed because it was speeding at 100mph going into a turn in a 50mph zone.

Those who use this wreck as a means to attack and demand more funding are evil. There is just no other way to define what these people are anymore. Seven people died, 200+ injured and the first thing prog dems want to do is whine for more money when human error was the cause.

Before we sink money into another failed govt program how about we get the facts first and know why their was a crash? To suggest cutting funds to Amtrak would be a catalyst for more accidents… wrecks is absurd. This regime just wants more money to waste on something the private sector would have either sold off or shut down. Too big to fail concept will be our undoing.