Cornel West: Obama ‘the First Black President Has Become First N**gerized President’

West says obama is afraid to talk about white supremacy so he is “n**gerized”?! What white supremacy? The US elected a “black” president TWICE. We have black leaders in Congress and state govt’s. Some of the most successful people in the media are black from Oprah to Russell Simmons, major sports athletes are black. Same argument can be made for other minorities as well all this race talk and baiting has got to come to an end.

Is there racism in the US? Yes but they isolated occurrences, it is not as widespread as the race hustlers want people to believe. It’s amazing how race hustlers can take the evil actions of a few bad cops and a racist killer convincing people these small occurrences are the 800lb gorilla in the room! If you had no clue and only took their word you would think we are back in 1960’s! Blacks in 2015 are not being told to sit in the back of the bus, that they cannot sit at the counter or have to use a separate water fountain.

Should the Confederate Flag go? Yea maybe because it was a flag that represented another nation during the civil war. But that flag did not make the Charleston killer go on a killing spree. His issues and hate for blacks goes much deeper where blaming the flag (partially) is dismissive. Don’t give the SOB an easy out like that America!

We need to stop blaming things (guns, flags etc) for this sick and violent actions of individuals. This is a slippery slope political correctness is pushing us to, where we have to worry about what and how we say something and the objects we are surrounded with.

Oh I assume everyone attacking the Confederate Flag are going to demand the Dukes of Hazzard reruns be pulled from every network they’re running on. Then there is the movie which will have to be pulled from everywhere as well.. and then the toys, novelties etc that are all floating around… How many other shows and movies will get pulled from this over reaction to political correctness?

You see where this goes? Knock it off already!