Obama Admin Bypassing Congress Coming For Your Guns Through New DOJ Regs

If you haven’t heard by now the anti-American, anti-Constitutional obama imperial regime is once again doing an end run on Congress to restrict Americans Second Amendment civil rights through the DOJ. If you are a frequent visitor of STR this news should not be surprising since I have been warning for years emperor obama will one way or another do everything he can to disarm Americans. I also made it clear that his majesty stated he would never go after the Second Amendment but under the same breath he never said he wouldn’t regulate our gun rights right out from under us.

While he had a super majority obama couldn’t get his gun bans. After some tragic mass killings (NOT shootings) he and the demoncrat party again could not get legislation passed to take our arms away. Just a few months ago he demonstrated he would try the backdoor route when the regime tried to go after 5.56/.223 ammo via the executive orders through the ATF, but thankfully that failed. We have had a few wins but they have been learning experiences for this radical destructive administration. These SOB’s learn where they make mistakes on all power grabs that fail where sooner or later they will have all loose ends locked up to actually make something happen. Like Megyn Kelly says to Dana Loesch this new attack on our civil rights from the looks of it could get through.

You should also know while this is going on Rep Carolyn Maloney(NY) has introduced a bill that would require all gun owners to carry liability insurance or face $10,000 fine! Now who wants to bet these insurance policies will be priced so high we won’t be able to afford them!? We may be able to have our guns but the power elite will make it impossible to use them or own them.

Progressives will never be happy until the people are disarmed. They have almost every aspect of our lives under lock and key from the banking industry to healthcare, the EPA taking land, IRS weaponized against us, schools, colleges and universities have been turned into progressive indoctrination camps all that’s stopping them is an armed populace. Once they disarm the people this machine they are building right under us will be complete, switched on and that will mean game over.

Without the Second Amendment there is no First, Third, Fourth(that’s practically gone as it is) or any other Amendment.

The Hill: Administration preps new gun regulations