Florida Gun Store Owner Battles CNN for Declaring Gun Shop ‘Muslim Free Zone’

Andrew Hallinan owner of Florida Gun Supply posted a video declaring he “will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.” He admits he wanted to offend as many people as possible with the video by displaying the Confederate Flag and saying he wants to ban sales to muslims because political correctness is out of control especially when it comes to islam.

The private business owner will no-doubt come under fire for making this declaration while having the Confederate Flag in the background but it is his right. Folks need to be reminded businesses DO NOT have to sell to anyone if they choose not to regardless of what the media or SCOTUS has to say especially a gun store. Hallinan pointed out to CNN he will use the power and authority under the ATF to revoke services. When challenged if he will not sell to white supremacists or other radical groups he responded smartly saying he wants to keep guns away from anyone who wants to commit mass murder.