Mass Killing in Another Gun Free Zone, 3 Dead 7 Injured

There are currently 3 dead and 7 injured, including the killer at Lafayette LA movie theater. Like clockwork the radical left who has pushed for gun free zones is out in force calling for more gun control!

Well they got their wish no guns are permitted at this theater which was followed by sane law abiding Americans. Unfortunately criminals and the mentally ill couldn’t careless about gun laws. All you ghouls (gun grabbing democrats, activists groups like Everytown,and guys like Bloomberg) need to come to grips with reality that the blood of these victims (and others) is on your hands!

Your calls for the disarmament of the American people and the violation of our Second Amendment civil rights is leaving people defenseless against criminals and terrorists. Gun free zones are free killing zones. America it would be in your best interests to identify these zones and avoid them at all costs.