Medal of Honor Recipient Slams Admin Telling Military Recruiters Not to Wear Uniforms in Public

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer needs another medal for keeping his cool over the absurd order from the obama Department of Defense (DoD). For this govt to tell military recruiters not to wear their uniforms in public is submission to terrorism.

If the govt wants our troops to be safe let them carry the weapons they have been trained to use. All the arguments against no longer hold water today. Whether this govt wants to admit it or not radical Islam is at war with the US. Because this admin is complacent even complicit, terrorists will continue to strike soft targets where we should expect more intense attacks and higher numbers of casualties.

US military are you paying attention yet? This admin and govt is so fearful of you that for over 20 years they don’t trust you to carry a weapon on US soil! One would think, as Rep Hunter points out, that after 9/11 not to mention Ft Hood and the other attacks on US soil the DoD Directive 5210.56 that disarm troops would be rescinded. If we had a president who cared about the military he/she would use their pen and issue an executive order to undo it. Instead we have military hating obama who tells our troops not to wear their uniforms vs carrying a weapon to defend themselves!