Ann Coulter Schools Anti-Trump National Review Writer on Trump

Ann Coulter took on National Review’s Charles Cooke defending Donald Trump positions on illegal immigration, gun rights, his position on Planned Parenthood etc that had her sounding like his campaign manager. What’s key to pay attention to in this debate is how Coulter points out the candidates attacking Trump are making things up or taking what he has said out of context. Furthermore, why is it okay for others to flip-flop a position if they get educated on it or to even change party but it isn’t for Trump?

What’s really at issue here is Trump is throwing the order of things into chaos. The establishment/ progressive GOP doesn’t know what to do to fight him. Every time they throw a punch he uses it and throws one back at them. They are used to attacking and destroying people to get their candidate in. This is the very reason why Trump resonates with the American people, he shows that anger and spite the people have against the political class. Trump is not a politician and he is not beholden to the money machine behind the majority in the political class.

We need new leadership in DC whether it’s Trump, Carson or Fiorina. The political class has had more than their fair shot at running the country. All they have done is sink us in deeper debt, divide the nation and make enemies around the world.