Farrakhan: White People Deserve to Die

‘…I wouldn’t bring our women and children in some place to have them slaughtered. But that’s what the white man hopes for, that’s why he makes mischief with my words.

“Farrakhan wants to get an army to kill white people”, ’cause you see white people deserve to die and they know it, so they think it’s us coming to do it. No, no, no but the one thing I will say brothers and sisters we are non-violent until somebody attacks us’

For a guy who claims he and his cult are not violent Farrakhan sure does love to talk about all the ways to kill and hurt the evil white man. How many acts of violence carried out against cops and some civilians were influenced by this monster? It’s amazing how he can preach hate and killing but remain untouched by law enforcement yet someone takes to a soapbox to speak against abortion or gay marriage and they have their entire life destroyed!

I’m curious Louie, why don’t you LEAVE the US? Seriously, there’s no one and nothing forcing you and all the other America haters to be here so why not leave and go to the Middle East where you will be welcomed with open arms?

Don’t freak out too much America or be worried about this racist lunatic because he thinks UFO’s will come to kill all the white people!