Judge Napolitano: Gaps in Clinton Emails Include 2-Month Period After Benghazi Attack

Well now how convenient for Hillary! Clinton camp will claim the missing 2 months of emails in the 5 month gap were just personal, ya know about her yoga and Chelsea’s wedding so they were deleted. This woman clearly sucked at being Sec of State but that wont sway voter support. No no the drones continue to support this criminal, the Butcher of Benghazi, claiming all of this email talk is just GOP hating on her, because GOP hates her and Billy.

There is more than enough evidence present against Clinton that if it were any other American they would have been indicted by now. The State Dept and white house are fully engaged in a cover-up that the crap media dismisses t this day. Four Americans died because of the monsters ruling over all of us. This scandal just proves the DC elites live by a separate rule book that even our so called leaders in Congress live and play by while they go on tv and complain about it.

This is what fundamental transformation looks like folks. Founders knew it would happen but we’re so lost we allow the criminals to run the prison.