State Dept Spox Kirby: Radical Islam is Growing But is Losing

What kind of insane double talk is this? What is even scarier is that John Kirby was an admiral. Only an obama propagandist under the same breath could say radical islam is losing but growing (“metastasize and fester”)!

Yes al Qaeda may have lost senior leadership but they still remain as much a threat today as they were years ago. Suggesting they are weaker is naive to say the least. If we look hard enough there is probably someone back in 1996 who said the same thing about bin Laden and look what happened. The splinter groups including ISIS, Admiral, ARE AL QAEDA! The ideology is NOT a loser either because you cannot kill an idea! You kill one leader today four more are in line waiting to succeed him. This 60 coalition Kirby speaks of is a total joke too. If it were legit hundreds of sorties would be run everyday to exterminate the islamonazis along with devastating ground campaign. None of that is happening, just small infinitesimal strikes to speak of in order to save face that “they tried”, “did something”.

It’s actually shocking someone from the regime even acknowledged a question about”radical islam”. It’s the regimes SOP to not even use such language; Kirby will probably get a slap on the wrist from Sub-Pres Jarrett! Regardless no one in this regime has any clue what they are doing let alone what to do about radical islam and ISIS. But when we get hit again they will have no problem pointing the finger blame at everyone else!