AZ Sheriff: ‘Obama Has Led the Largest Prison Break in US History’

83,000-100,000 illegal aliens come through just the Tucson area of AZ a year! We have no idea who these people are or where they come from and Sheriff Babeu points out there are 67,000 criminal illegals who have come into the US and been released thanks to the obama regime. How many more criminals, and worse, are coming into the US right now mixed in with those seeking a better life?

The obama regime is derelict in its duty to protect the American people. The Sheriff also makes it clear that these invaders aren’t just coming from Mexico or Central America, but they’re coming from the Sudan, Iraq and Russia! It would be nice if we had leadership who honor their oaths to God & Country but they seem to be too busy allowing our mortal enemy to have access to billions of dollars and nuclear weapons.

This country will be taken down from within.