Levin: Clinton Violated Espionage Act, ‘Threw Our National Security on Table for All Our Enemies to See’

Mark Levin is pushing for a Grand Jury investigation into Hillary Clinton’s “gross negligent” handling of National Security information. For the third time now the Great One cited US Code 18 793(f) [Espionage Act penalties] making it clear Clinton’s excuses don’t matter whether she sent or received classified emails. He also pointed out the markings of “classified” or not on said emails is irreverent. The fact that the emails were in her custody is all that matters which is a felony.

The excuses listed above are to distract and misdirect anyone uninformed on her corruption to believe this is just another GOP witch hunt. Levin is correct to say Clinton ‘threw our national security on the table for all our enemies to see’ without a care in the world. If the Pentagon and other govt systems have been hacked there is no doubt her private email server has been compromised too! Clinton knows she broke the law but will play the “poor me I did nothing wrong” card while throwing everyone who served under her under the bus. It is being reported one of her staff member, (Brian Pagliano) will plead the 5th Amendment on the handling of emails.

The Clinton’s define corrupt elitists who think they are above the law. With the govt dragging its feet this long Levin’s second charge that the US Justice Dept is in full cover-up mode cannot be ignored. If Clinton is not investigated fully at the least under USC18 793 the American people must demand Congress move to impeach DOJ head Loretta Lynch.