Sheriff Clarke Rips Quentin Tarantino Issues Challenge to End Boycott

Tarantino just doesn’t know when to shut up with his rants against cops taking it a step further and picking a fight with Sheriff Clarke, who isn’t going to have any of it. Clarke thundered away at the Hollywood 1%r elitist pointing out he had to read notes prepared for him on his appearance on MSNBC. Take note MSNBC, the media arm of the white house, REFUSED to allow Clarke to go on air and rebuke Tarantino!

If Tarantino was a smart he would take Clarke’s challenge to donate money made from his next film “to the Concerns of Police Survivors or the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Washington, DC, maybe NYPD, for survivors of people who have been killed in the line of duty” and he would help “call off the dogs” boycotting this elitist. Since Tarantino more or less doubled down with his comments this challenge won’t be accepted which is typical of his kind and frankly if he did I say keep the boycott on! We are way past time to put Hollywood loudmouths who live in a bubble in their place for getting involved on issues they know nothing about.