Rush: Politico Story on Carson “Political Assassination Attempt”, Example of Media Malpractice

…this is Friday November 6th as the assassination attempt of Ben Carson undertaken by the United States American media.The United States mainstream media today attempted to politically end Ben Carson’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination by telling an out right lie and then accusing the campaign of lying and admitting to lie which this is horrible, it is despicable, it is infuriating…

Politico ran with an attack piece on Dr Carson which has turned out to be a complete lie thanks to actual journalists like Ben Shapiro. This attempted political assassination did something else, it was a clear example of media malpractice demonstrating how corrupt the media has become to destroy someone who is a threat to their agenda. Many as Rush cites ran with this story instead of vetting it, and it wasn’t just liberal sites but some “conservative” sites (many who just regurgitate other people’s work in hopes of generating clicks) ran with it too.

For those on the conservative side who ran with this story guess what? You are just as guilty as the dopes at Politico who concocted and pushed it and the dems who were doing a victory dance. Shame on each and every one of you who care more about hits and ad clicks than being truthful, doing the research yourself (regurgitating others work) and writing your own op.